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Cape Cod Healthcare Announces Plans For New Patient Tower & Records System

Faced with a competitive environment in which community providers are being absorbed by national conglomerates, Cape Cod Healthcare has announced a major investment in the future of healthcare in this region by ensuring local access to comprehensive medical and health services and modern infrastructure and technology for generations to come.
On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Cape Cod Hospital, CCHC this year will break ground on a new $180 million six-story patient care tower at the Hyannis hospital. At the same time they announced the launching of the development of a fully integrated single electronic medical records system.
According to Michael Lauf, president and CEO of CCHC, "These investments reflect CCHC's focus on meeting the 21st Century needs of the community, and ensure that residents and visitors of our region will continue to have high-quality healthcare services without having to leave the Cape."
While lauding the quality of CCHC's clinical and support staff, Mr. Lauf explained, "As technology advances and inpatient needs grow more intense, it is critical that we update our facilities and our ability to communicate with primary care and specialty care physicians in the community. With these investments, we are not only updating to meet the best practices of today, we are creating capacity for the future."
The new patient care tower will be located on the southwest end of the Cape Cod Hospital. And it will become the new main entrance area to the hospital. The tower is designed to advance the organization's ability to provide locally accessible and high-quality care by enhancing key service areas, like cardiac, cancer, intensive care, women's health and medical surgery.
The new patient care tower will:
Add 40 new cardiac and medical beds
Offer new cancer care facilities
Expand intensive care space by 20 percent
Add new patient welcoming and patient registration area
Include educational space
Allow for future growth, with the 5th floor finished at a later date.
The new Cape Cod Cancer Center will be located on levels one and two, offering a full continuum of care for Cape Cod residents and assuring that key services are offered in a community setting. With 36 chemotherapy treatments bays – an increase of its current capacity of 19 - and space for continued growth, the Cancer Center will include dedicated registration and waiting areas, improved patient screening areas, a rooftop garden, and clinical staff education spaces designed to enhance the patient, family and staff experience. The project also creates the opportunity to provide cancer patients new clinical trials as part of Cape Cod Healthcare's partnership with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.
"As we enter our centennial anniversary year, this transformative project is as important to the health of Cape Cod as the founding of the original hospital. And we are committed to this community," Mr. Lauf added.
The new patient care tower is expected to create 80 new jobs at CCH, 250-300 construction jobs over the course of the three-year project, and multiples of support jobs in the community.
Though less physically obvious to patients, it is predicted that Epic Systems, a privately held national healthcare software company, "will have an equally important impact on patient care quality."
The single, integrated electronic medical record system will better support clinicians in coordinating care across multiple settings from the primary care or specialist exam room to the outpatient clinic or hospital bedside. The system also will allow patients to have seamless care, both in and out of the healthcare system, as well as access to their medical records from home and on mobile devices. The project is expected to launch in late fall 2020.
"Pairing this type of capital investment with our existing investment in clinical and support staff allows Cape Cod Healthcare to make our community stronger, while maintaining our independence and focus on providing care in the local setting," Mr. Lauf concluded.
Infrastructure support work will begin on the new patient care tower in early September. After all local and state approvals are obtained, building on the new tower will begin, with an anticipated completion date of spring 2022.